Taking Photos of Products More Seriously

I've always believed that with the newest Android phone and some basic setup, that I would be able to capture some decent pictures of my work, at least decent enough to use for a product listing online or on my website.

I'm pretty sure that was naive!

I finally went and had a professional photographer come to the shop for a photo session of the current inventory of products I'm selling, as well as a few of me working on some projects. I had no idea just how impressed I'd be be with the final result.

I prepared by purchasing a few things from Amazon just to have a basic setup in case I wanted to dive into taking my own pictures in the future. This setup worked out just fine for what we were using it for with the plain white sheet and lighting umbrellas with tripods.




I've always read that having good pictures is the #1 way to help you sell online, and I'm certainly beginning to believe it.

So take a look at the products I have listed now and feel free to reach out about custom projects as well!

I'd like to thank Rebecca Elias Media, LLC for coming for a visit and taking some great shots! If you're in the greater Philadelphia area and need a photographer, I'd certainly recommend Rebecca!