First Craft Show

So I'm doing my first craft show! It's on this Saturday, March 3 from 10am-6pm at the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA, hosted by A Taste of Artistry's Paint Studio.

I dove into woodworking a few years ago, but have only recently started doing general projects to sell without any initial lead from potential buyers. I'm trying to take on projects that are increasingly challenging, while also trying to pay attention to what sells around me. I started to fall into a trap of making things just because I really wanted to do it, while not realizing that certain things have a small market. So yea, I have a few more finished projects laying around my garage and basement then I'd like, but I'm sure they'll eventually sell.

I've had the interest of doing a craft show for a while. Mainly, my objective for this one is to just get through it while selling things that are both possible for me to make enough of in time, and also things that seem to be very popular at events like this.

After watching many videos online around what sells and what doesn't at craft shows, I've decided to make some popular items and items I know I can make quickly and efficiently. I'm going to focus on cutting boards, picture frames, coasters, small raised garden boxes, giant growth chart rulers, bottle openers (a la Nick Offerman), and dog feeders.

Displaying these will be a challenge because some are larger, some smaller, but I'd still like the whole display to flow nicely. I have a bunch of 50 lb. burlap coffee bags, so maybe I could use them to spruce up the look of the display somehow. We'll see how it goes.

I'd love to any of you locals come out and see what I have to offer!