Shallow Water Serving Tray

Shallow Water Serving Tray

Make an impact at your next dinner party by presenting hors d'oeuvres on this beautiful serving tray. This is a solid Maple tray, with its center void and various cracks filled with food-safe MAX CLEAR GRADE epoxy resin, which is one of the only FDA-compliant epoxies on the market. You can see straight through the center to the table beneath, adding a unique depth to the tray. The tray won't move around while working on it due to its large rubber feet fot added stability. It is finished with several coats of food-safe mineral oil and beezwax for protection and durability. Since it has the same properties and finishes as other WhoaShop cutting boards, feel free to use this every day as a cutting board for meat, cheese, or anything else from your kitchen, with confidence. 



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