Originally-Claimed Drink Coaster Set

Originally-Claimed Drink Coaster Set

I often find, that after a long day at the office, it's nice to get home, greet my excited puppy, and head for either the liquor cabinet for two fingers of Scotch, or the fridge for an ice-cold JerkBox Brewing craft beer. Regardless of what I choose, I'm no animal, I use a coaster.. uh... or my wife will kill me. Add some old-fashioned class to that moment, with some solid hardwood, end-grain coasters.


For the record, I still wouldn't think you're an animal without using a coaster, but that's none of my business.


No, these aren't pallet wood or any re-use, this is original wood, like in the good ol' days.


This is a set of 6 hardwood, end-grain coasters, which are coasted in polyurethane for protection against moisture and condensation.