Offerman Rustic Craft Beer Bottle Opener

Offerman Rustic Craft Beer Bottle Opener

If you aren't a beer snob by now... well that's fine, but at least you can increase your cool factor by opening your bottles with a really unique bottle opener. Inspired by the amazin woodworker, Nick Offerman, and made from cutoffs, scraps, and other eye-catching sections of wood that are shaped by hand, they use a nail to catch under the cap and pop it off with ease, leaving you with a nice, frosty, great-tasting beverage. If that beverage happens to be a 12oz. bottle of locally-crafted JerkBox Brewing Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic Session IPA, then you are officially awesome.


No two openers will be the same, so the pictures may not be exactly what you receive, but you already knew that, since you're a smarty-pants.



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